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Graceless City - Cops and Robbers is a multiplayer web based board game where players should make their move within 5 seconds. The robber has to escape the cops and catch the gold on the map, while the cops have to arrest the robber. When a cop catch the robber, he/she will play the next match as the robber.


make your move

Click on the ghost car to move your car of one position in the direction you want.

COP | catch the robber

You have a limited numbers of tickets. Every time you move you lose one ticket.
When you run out of tickets you're placed away from the robber and you can continue the chase.
If you catch the robber see next ☺.

ROBBER | escape from the chasers

You have unlimited moves and you have to do your best to escape.

ROBBER | make big money

Drive through the city and rob as much gold as you can.

COP | guess where the robber is

The robber position is revealed to the chasers once in a while.

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